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Chand T. John, Ph.D.

Science Communication

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Comic illustrating differences between diversity, equity, and inclusion Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion @ UT Photo of two people with a slide entitled Unconscious Bias in the background Research-Backed Unconscious Bias Talk
Photo of two people in front of a laptop Advisor to Breaking the Glass Photo of bottom half of an analog desk clock Award for Supporting Students with Disabilities
Array of photos of 24 people Community Champions Award 2019 Picture of pink and purple robotic arm Robotics Programming @ UTCS Summer Camps
White text, Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI), on red background Experiential Learning Grant Award Photo of six people sitting in front of a classroom Dean's Scholars
Slide entitled Breaking The Glass Presents ELEVATE with picture of Chand John Recognition from Breaking the Glass' Elevate Campaign

Software & Research

Sketch of a desktop computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and cables Patent: Biomechanics for Vehicle Design Short movie of numerous blue spheres moving together like a splashing fluid that gradually settles Physically Simulate a Fluid
Image of a computer-animated character standing up Learn to Code via Animation Grayscale image of two complex shapes made up of numerous line segments and points Fractals and Bézier Curves for AI (Page 29)
Image of Biomedical Beat article entitled, Cool Movie: Walking the Line NIH Biomedical Beat Feature Snapshot of top part of the cover of Biomedical Computation Review magazine BCR Cover Features My Research
Sequential image of several skeletons with blue and red lines representing muscles, walking Algorithm Enabling 20x Longer Simulation A green cube connected by two red line segments to two long white blocks on top of a black and white checkerboard OpenSim Muscle Controller Plug-in Tutorial
Lower half of a human skeleton walking along a pencil-sketched pathway Physics of Sideways Balance Skeleton with several red line segments representing muscles facing forward in a walking pose Muscle Stiffness & Damping Stabilize Walking
Picture of a tendon and muscle with several stiffness and damping curves highlighted Muscle Physics Model Image of medical image with control points and a green contour connecting the points, outlining the object in the image Medical Image Segmentation & Coordinate Systems
Picture of a molar in a wireframe box with different segments highlighted in different colors Making Mountains out of Molars 2D image resembling a thundercloud Efficient Cloud Animation
Movie of a complex geometric transition between the word Austin and Texas, both written in cursive Efficient Word Animations
Picture of two curves next to a picture of a more complex shape roughly resembling the overall shape of the two curves Controlling Complex Shapes with Simple Curves
Snapshot of a research paper containing equations Publications Screenshot of Chand John's SimTK.org page Biophysics Simulation Software, Data, & Documentation


Logo of Johnson & Johnson MEDTECH J&J Inspire Applause Award (2023) Logo of Johnson & Johnson MEDTECH J&J Inspire Shout-Out Award (2023)
A picture of a blue letter O with a person jumping out of it with a shadow cast by both of these shapes OpenSim Fellow (2014-2017)
Logo of Stanford Engineering Opportunity Job Fair Award (2011)
Logo of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME Semi-Finalist (2009) Logo of Achievement Rewards for College Scientists ARCS Fellow (2008-2009)
Logo of the American Association for the Advancement of Science AAAS Science Excellence (2006-2008) Logo of the US National Institutes of Health NIH Predoctoral Fellow (2005-2008)
Logo of Stanford Engineering Stanford Engineering Fellow (2003-2004)
Logo of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Illinois Distinguished Fellow Offer (2003)
Image of the words, Dean's Honored Graduates UT Dean's Honored Graduate (2003) Image of the words, UT Co-Op George H. Mitchell Award George Mitchell Award (2003)
Logo of the Computing Research Association CRA Outstanding Undergrad Finalist (2003) Logo of the National Science Foundation NSF VIGRE Math Research Grant (2002-2003)