Chand John


publications & presentations

robotics & human simulation

algorithm enabling 20x longer simulations

The National Institutes of Health featured this work. I created the longest duration 3D, detailed, high-fidelity muscle-driven simulation of walking in existence at the time by creating the residual reduction algorithm, which overcame a key error accumulation problem.

framework to control robot & human models

I created a software framework and tutorial that received accolades for its accessibility and effectiveness in teaching new users how to create custom C++ controllers for their own robot and human models.

informing treatments to prevent injuries

This study revealed how muscles keep you from falling sideways when walking at different speeds, suggesting new strategies for preventing life- threatening fall-related injuries.

revealing that muscles stabilize walking

A long-standing mystery in human movement science was resolved using a 3D walking simulation and a model I implemeted of a muscle without stiffness or damping properties.

modeling muscle behavior

To facilitate researchers' understanding of the mechanical properties of muscles and how they are modeled on computers, I created a set of custom muscle models and the first comprehensive documentation of a popular muscle model.

3D medical image analysis

tools for analyzing medical images

I added core tools to 3D Slicer, a widely used open-source image processing package, to enable researchers to outline structures in medical images more interactively and accurately. I also created documentation that helped many new users of 3D Slicer complete tasks with speed and ease.

making mountains out of molars

Four methods were tested for finding the hills and valleys in the shapes of human teeth.

fractals & bézier curves

animating clouds

Shapes resembling real clouds were generated using a new method for representing complex shapes using a few simple curves.

animating words

Smooth transformations between simple curves were used to generate complex fractal animations transforming one word into another.

simple curves controlling complex shapes

A new method for controlling complex fractal shapes using simple curves, known as Bézier curves, was developed. This method is the basis for the two projects above.

mobile app development

mobile app for project management

An Android app, ZoomCat, was developed to bring productivity experts' strategies to smartphones.